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River of well being

This concept of balance and wellbeing has been coming up for me over and over so I’m going to share. In The Whole-Brain Child Dan Siegel defines mental health as our ability to remain in the “river of well-being”. One bank represents chaos, where you feel out of control. Confusion and turmoil rule the day. […]

Creative Flooding

I want to introduce a concept that has helped me make a lot of sense of my difficult experiences and I hope it may help others. This is the concept of Creative Flooding proposed by E. A. Meek. The goal of this dissertation will be to identify and supply those individuals who experience creative flooding with […]

Holistic Education

I’ve found this diagram to be a nice framework for my exploration of holistic education with my son in mind and in my own search for optimal well being. Currently I am: Listening to Audio Book: The Art of Being by Erich Fromm Reading Book: Child Honouring. This book includes essays by people mentioned in […]