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Stories I find empowering and inspiring

Shambhala warrior prophecy as told by Joanna Macy (video from book Active Hope): Universe Story  by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme (book) Born with a Bang  by Jennifer Morgan (book): Mindwalk (movie): Frederik the mouse by Leo Lionni (animation): The man who planted trees by Jean Giono (animation):    

Grounding Techniques

When Creative Flooding becomes overwhelming it is helpful to have a toolkit of grounding techniques or ways to decrease intensity of experience. It is important not to overdo this so much that it stops, just slow it down so the process is gentler and less disorienting.  Over-medication, in my opinion, is the biggest danger in […]

Creative Flooding

I want to introduce a concept that has helped me make a lot of sense of my difficult experiences and I hope it may help others. This is the concept of Creative Flooding proposed by E. A. Meek. The goal of this dissertation will be to identify and supply those individuals who experience creative flooding with […]


I’m very grateful to have made contact with Peter Barrett of Metanoia Galiano. He runs an art gallery on Galiano island and I am sending him the following work this week. If you are in the area, please drop by and support his good work. I have personally found it far more empowering to […]

Holistic Education

I’ve found this diagram to be a nice framework for my exploration of holistic education with my son in mind and in my own search for optimal well being. Currently I am: Listening to Audio Book: The Art of Being by Erich Fromm Reading Book: Child Honouring. This book includes essays by people mentioned in […]